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For Every Product You Purchase a Child With Cancer is Gifted

Brain Tumor Age Six - Survivor Age 30

My Sisters and I

Larraine, Natalia and Carlos

St. Jude Children's Hospital 1996

Survivor Carlos Raymond Saavedra gives back to children with cancer. With your purchase a child and/or nurse receives a gift.

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"Buy One Give One to a Child With Cancer".

I Love Halo Hats

"Carlos Raymond is One of My Biggest Inspirations"

My cousin Carlos has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I watch him power through life every day with a smile on his face, despite the challenges that he has faced in the past and still continues to encounter. When I think of Carlos, his warm hugs and contagious laugh are the first thing that come to my mind and I can confidently say that anyone who knows Carlos can agree that they are the two best things about him. Carlos' endless determination proves that truly anything is possible no matter what your circumstances may be, and Halo Hats is the perfect example of that. I love Halo Hats because it embodies Carlos' personality in multiple ways. Through his hard work he selflessly delivers hope and happiness to children all over the world who are facing the same challenges that he did. I know that my family was searching for that same hope when Carlos was sick, and the fact that he is providing it through Halo Hats causes me to cherish this brand even more. My love for Carlos and his company is copious, and continues to grow every single day!

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Being a supporter to Halo Hats brings Comfort to children with cancer, Hope to families that are enduring the journey with their child and Love from your heart to the mission:

"Spreading Smiles One Free Gift At A Time"

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